The Lyceum has been offering annual academic events to Monterey County students for over 30 years.  Programs include Mock Trial, Model UN, History Day, Spelling Bee, and Expanding Your Horizons.

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We offer instruction in art, science, mathematics, robotics, language, design thinking, outdoor activities, and a whole lot more!  Students of the Lyceum can take courses in anything from rocketry to botanical art.  Enrichment classes are offered primarily in the Fall and Spring months.  We also offer a few programs specifically geared towards Home School students.  

Enrichment Classes

The Lyceum holds several week-long summer camp programs each year, beginning in June.   Learn everything from Digital Photography to Mural Painting.  We keep class sizes small so students get plenty of individual attention and instruction.  

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The Lyceum of Monterey County has been offering educational programs to the local community since 1960 and is one of Monterey County's oldest non-profit organizations.  The Lyceum seeks to further engage students in subjects that either did not seem interesting in school, or were never taught to them, and we strive to offer them in a way that is supportive and engaging and show that learning can be fun and inspiring, away from a typical school setting.  We have three major areas of focus:

Academic Events - including Mock Trial, History Day, Spelling Bee, Model UN, and EYH - the Lyceum's Academic Events offer unique opportunities to students and encourage such things as public speaking, debate, analysis, group dynamics, presentation, and research, in supportive environments.

Enrichment Activities - include instruction in fine arts, sciences, mathematics, robotics, language, design thinking, and outdoor activities. Students of the Lyceum can take courses in anything from rocketry to botanical art.

Summer Camps - include things like Digital Photography, Indoor/Outdoor Sketching & Watercolor, Ceramics, Collage & Papercraft, and Beginning Mandarin.  


Our Mission is to inspire a life-long love of learning through enrichment programs that stimulate intellectual promise, awaken individual creativity, and foster academic achievement.