The Mock Trial Program is an exciting law-related educational program that introduces high school students (grades 9-12) to the American legal system. Mock trials are structured like "real" court trials and follow the same rules. The program pairs students with mentors from the legal community. Through one-on-one interactions with attorney coaches, a student's understanding of the law is greatly enhanced.


The Mock Trial provides an opportunity for personal growth and achievement. Through role-playing, students gain an understanding of our judicial system--what roles judges, lawyers, juries and witnesses play in the system. Additionally, students develop critical thinking and public speaking skills and a working knowledge of our legal practices and procedures. 2006 Seaside High School graduate Elizabeth Wolcott says “Mock Trial was one of the coolest things I got to do in high school, because it was an activity outside of class that helped me develop my speaking and team management skills, which were invaluable to me in college.”

Mock Trial 2017 Winners - Carmel High School

2016-2017 Winners:

Congratulations to the 2017 Monterey County Mock Trial winners - Carmel High School!

Coming in close behind them in 2nd place was Pacific Grove, and in 3rd place - Palma High School.

A job well done to all the teams who participated this year which also included students from Alvarez, Gonzales, and Santa Catalina.  We are so proud of all of you!!

Journalism Competition         

Joyce Doherty - 1st Place
Melissa Pavloff - 2nd Place
Lexi Rohrer - 3rd Place

Artists Competition

Kevin Kamm - 1st Place
Sophia Linnevers - 2nd Place
Sofia Chang - 3rd Place

Outstanding Performance Awards:

Alex Poletti - Outstanding Prosecution Pretrial Motion Attorney
Guadalupe Espinoza - Outstanding Prosecution Pretrial Motion Attorney
Jacob Ottone - Outstanding Defense Pretrial Motion Attorney
Alex Poletti - Outstanding Defense Pretrial Motion Attorney
Mindy Morgan - Outstanding Prosecution Attorney
Frank Campo - Outstanding Prosecution Attorney
Reem Benny - Outstanding Defense Attorney
Mindy Morgan - Outstanding Defense Attorney
Sabria Henry-Hunter - Outstanding Prosecution Witness
Giselle Espinola-Jimenez - Outstanding Prosecution Witness
Linda Pinon - Outstanding Defense Witness
Sara Phillips - Outstanding Defense Witness
Megan Kou - Outstanding Clerk
Rachel House - Outstanding Clerk
Rachael Schroeder - Outstanding Bailiff
Camden Smithtro - Outstanding Bailiff

Special Thanks to:

Mike Whilden
Peter Funt
and all of the teacher and attorney coaches, attorney scorers and judges that make this event possible!


"This was my second full year of coaching Mock Trial and once again I was reminded of the invaluable ways that this program enriches the academic experiences offered in high school. As an English teacher, I especially appreciate the ways that the program addresses learning objectives in my subject area. The students learn to write and respond to arguments, as well as speak eloquently with poise and confidence. What more could a teacher ask for?"  
 - Larry Haggquist, Mock Trial Teacher Coach

2015-2016 Mock Trial Winners

1st Place: Carmel High School

2nd Place: Pacific Grove High School

3rd Place: Palma High School

Journalism Competition:

  • 1st Place: Joyce Doherty
  • 2nd Place: Lexi Rohrer
  • 3rd Place: Melissa Pavloff

Artists Competition:

  • 1st Place: Nelly Kohlgruber
  • 2nd Place: Kevin Kamm