Expanding Your Horizons 2018

The Lyceum of Monterey County has offered EYH to 300 Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz County girls annually for 5 years (that’s 1500 girls!) at no charge to participants. 

However, after a loss of funding for the program, we are seeking support from organizations like yours to help us keep this event FREE TO ALL Tri-County (Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz) girls so their family’s financial standing is not a hindrance to participation. 

Over 70% of participants come from low income backgrounds and Title 1 schools!  While we are actively seeking new grants for this event, we need your help to make our efforts go even further!  The day-long event is held at Hartnell College in Salinas, with many schools bringing in groups of girls to the event. 

If you want to support the futures of our Tri-County area girls, please make a donation below!  Donations will go towards keeping this event FREE to 300 girls who want to learn more about STEM opportunities! We need to raise $12,000 by October 24th to keep this event free!

Expanding Your Horizons is a STEM Conference and Career Fair for Girls in grades 5 – 10 that seeks to bridge the gender gap in STEM fields by educating young women about career opportunities in math, science, and technology. 

Girls attend two hands-on workshops run by female professionals, where they conduct lab experiments, extract and examine plant DNA, and learn to write their own code (and lots of other cool workshops)! 

Girls also attend a Career Fair with representatives from 25 Monterey County organizations to learn about future STEM related career opportunities.  They’ll find out what education is required to go into those professions, what salaries they pay, and what the working environments are in those careers!  They also meet other like-minded girls, MESA Mentors, and make new friends with similar interests! 

    Thank you to the people and businesses who have rallied to support Expanding Your Horizons 2018 - STEM Conference and Career Fair for Girls in Grades 5-10.

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    • Thomas & Judith Wills


    • L& S Engineering
    • HIlary Brewer
    • Kenneth & Sally Sikes
    • Victor & Lynda Johnson
    • Karen Letendre
    • Edwina Bent
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    $4000     Platinum 'STEM for Girls' Sponsor - Covers registration fees for 125 Girls!

    • Your name/logo on all EYH advertising materials, the EYH webpage and the Lyceum's Supporters webpage.
    • Your logo/name on a banner on stage at the event.
    • Special thanks announcement at the 2018 EYH event.
    • Opportunity to address participants with a three-minute welcome (relevant to supporting girls in STEM fields) at the event.  
    • Guest access to the conference and the opportunity to observe a workshop.

    $2000     Diamond 'STEM for Girls' Sponsor – Covers registration fees for 50 Girls!  

    • Your name/logo on all EYH advertising materials and our EYH webpage.  
    • Special thanks announcement at the 2018 EYH event.  
    • Guest access to the conference and the opportunity to attend a workshop.

    $1000     Gold 'STEM for Girls' Sponsor – Covers registration fees for 25 Girls!  

    • Your name/logo on our EYH webpage.  
    • Special thanks announcement at the 2018 EYH event.  

    $200      Silver 'STEM for Girls' Sponsor

    • Your name/logo on our EYH webpage.

    Honor gifts in the name of a special woman or teacher,
    personal or anonymous donations are also welcome!

    Registration for EYH 2018 will open in late October.
    Join our Mailing List to be notified of the 2018 EYH Conference.

    This day-long event includes hands-on activities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  At the conference, young women meet female STEM role models and learn more about careers in STEM fields. 

    When you register to attend the EYH conference, you can choose up to three workshop sessions that sound interesting to you. You'll be assigned to attend two sessions, and we'll try to give you your top choices. 

    Read the workshop descriptions. Choose the workshops that most interest you. Feel free to select the same workshops as your friends or decide with your friends that you will attend different workshops; then tell each other about your unique experiences after the conference! 

    Be prepared to be active!!! You'll do some listening, but mostly you'll be engaged in some really fun hands-on activities including robotics, forensics, animal husbandry, marine biology, boat-building, underwater exploration, aeronautics, computer science and energy.

    Volunteer to present a Workshop!

    • Be the inspiration that encourages young women to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers.
    • Motivate girls to become innovative and creative thinkers ready to meet 21st Century challenges.
    • Share your passion and enthusiasm for the important work you do with middle and high school girls. 

    Each workshop session is 90 minutes and will be presented twice.   Lunch is included for all presenters.
    The maximum number of students allowed to register for each workshop will be 20.

    To give you an idea of the type of workshops that will be presented, here are some of the workshops that were offered last year:

    • Don't Break the Law! - Material Engineers, Meghan Baronowski and Danielle Ramos, show an example of a fluid that defies Isaac Newton's law of viscosity.  Participants will get to play with some ooey, gooey, glop...or is it?! 
    • Will Pooh Go "SPLAT"? - Mechanical Engineer, Elsa Hennings and Aerospace Engineer, Alyse Dannenberg, lead a workshop involving designing a harness for a large stuffed animal, attaching it to a parachute, and making predictions where it will land, then testing those predictions.

    Interested?   Please call or email

    Tom Nelson (EYH conference coordinator)


    Rita Bell (EYH program chair)
    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    2017 Expanding Your Horizons
    Special thanks to:

    Hartnell College
    Dr. Ruth Murray Clay, Astrophysicist, UCSC
    Rita Bell, Director of Education Programs, Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Joanne Pleak, Administrative Assistant III and Facilities & Events Scheduler, Hartnell College
    Jill Sweeney, Food Service Manager, Hartnell College
    Thank you also to all of the educators, teachers, parents, and family members who supported these amazing girls and brought them to this years event!  

    Our Workshop Presenters:
    Alexxa Rind    Genetics and DNA!
    Amanda Good    The Land and Sea Interactive Watershed Model
    Ana Martinez-Fernandez    Ocean Acidification
    Ana Munoz  Engaging Science Ideas with College & Career Focus
    Carolyn Laymon    Strawberry DNA Extraction
    Joanna Ledesma    Math Games for Math Practice
    Kimberly Bitterwolf    Greenhouse in a Bottle
    Kyle Broach    Sea Level on the Rise
    Pat Rutowski    Marine Mammal Artifacts
    Phaedra Jessen    Weather verses Climate:  Who's running the show?
    Pimol Moth    All About the Planets
    Raymond Esteybar    Made With Code
    Robin Mendenhall    Where Do Beaches Come From?
    Tom Kieckhefer    Amazing Lives of Sea Turtles
    Wesley Haack    What do Sea Otters, Sand Crabs, and Seabirds have in common? Acanthocephalans!
    Zeka Kuspa    It's a bird, it's a plane...no it's a BIRD!

    Career Fair Presenters:
    APWA    Maria Esther Rodriguez
    Cabrillo College - Dental Hygiene    Inna Engle, Sacie Salcido
    California American Water    Edie Lemon, Nina Miller
    Central Coast College Vet. Assistant Program    Cathy Del Fante, Mikayla Hasal
    CRUSER @ NPS    Lyla Englehorn
    CS Cohort Programs for Hartnell and CSUMB    Faith Shatto & Irais Gopar
    Department of Oceanography - NPS    Mara Orescanin
    Enza Zaden    Kelly Stanton
    Fleet Numerical    Phaedra Jessen
    Hartnell Astronomy Department    Dr. Pimol Moth
    Hartnell Biology Department    Dr. Ann Wright
    Hartnell Chemistry Department    Amy Taketomo
    Monterey Bay 99s    Claudia Contreras, Mona Kendrick, Sue Purvis, Audrianne Taylor, Sophia Taylor House, Theresa Levandoski- Byers
    Monterey Bay Aquarium     Gina Carrillo, Jilian Aesir
    MPC Nursing School    Tina Rondez and Students
    MST    Lisa Rheimheimer
    Monsanto    Rose Reintar, Tamara Holst
    RoboDojo @ NPS   Kristen Tsolis
    Sakata    Katie Reed, Monica Filimon
    Taylor Farms    Sandra Garcia
    USDA    Renee Eriksen, Alyssa Burkhardt, Kaori Ando
    Ventana Wildlife Society    Evelyn Gutierrez, Hailee Kyle

    The 2017 event was made possible by the following Organizations:

    Hartnell College
    Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce

    6th Annual Expanding Your Horizons Date:
    Tentative: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2018
    Check-in: 8:15-9am.  Conference: 9am - 3pm