The Lyceum sponsors six annual Academic Events

A program that introduces high school students to the American legal system. A case is provided to Mock Trial teams each year. Each school creates both a prosecution and defense argument, and argues their cases with real judges presiding at the Monterey County Courthouse.  County winners go on to compete at State, and potentially the Nationals.

The Lyceum Model UN is a simulation of the “real-life” United Nations.  Two events are held each year - Middle School MUN, and High School MUN. 
Student Delegates will research, debate, and establish policies and resolutions on international issues, including disputes between countries, peace-keeping responsibilities, stabilizing financial markets, and dealing with diseases and poverty.

Through Expanding Your Horizon (EYH) programs, we provide STEM role models and hands-on activities for girls in middle and high school. 
The ultimate goals is to motivate girls to become innovative and creative thinkers ready to meet 21st century challenges.
This is a conference and career fair for young woman in grades 5 - 10.

Open to students from grades 4 through 12 - History Day is a highly rewarding enrichment program that furthers students understanding of historical issues, ideas, people and events. 
Students create websites, documentaries, boards, papers, or performances all based on a yearly theme.  Winners go on to compete at State and potentially the Nationals.

The Lyceum Spelling Bee is an important academic tradition and one that challenges children to perform at their best. In addition to motivating children to achieve academically, this event is an important stepping-stone to the Scripps Howard Monterey County Spelling Bee Competition students may enter in middle school.


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