Model UN - High School

Model UN - High School

Model UN - Middle School

Model UN - Middle School

What is Model UN?

The Lyceum Model United Nations, open to students of Monterey County, is an 8–10 week program that culminates in a one-day conference at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  The Lyceum hosts a High School conference in the fall and a Middle School conference in the spring.

The Lyceum Model UN is a simulation of the “real-life” United Nations. Students will take part in some of the same activities that the real UN ambassadors participate in.  Student delegates will research, debate, and establish policies and resolutions on international issues, including disputes between countries, peace-keeping responsibilities, stabilizing financial markets, and dealing with diseases and poverty.

Each student is assigned a country to represent and students will come to the Model UN conference as delegates from those countries. Delegates can be part of one of several organizations that make up the United Nations, including the General Assembly, Security Council, and Economic and Social Council. 

Why is Model UN Important?

Model UN promotes an understanding of geography, history and current events. Model UN is a fun and interactive way to learn beyond the traditional textbook environment. Through role-playing, students are able to bring current international events to life and gain a better understanding of real world problems. They develop valuable skills in researching, working in teams, and public speaking.  It's also a great way to apply Common Core standards.  

How is Model UN implemented?

  • As part of the social studies curriculum at the middle or high school (e.g. history, government classes)
  • As an after-school club or activity
  • Through the after-school enrichment classes conducted by the Lyceum

How do I get involved?

Talk to your teacher or principal about registering your school to participate in the program. Home-schoolers or individual students are also encouraged to sign up for the "Model UN" class offered in the spring for middle schoolers. For more information on the registration and preparation process, email