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Introduction to Mindfulness: 4th & 5th Graders

Mindfulness and compassion -- being aware and being kind -- are continuing to gain recognition as pathways to increasing clarity, connection and well-being at home, in school and at work.  The benefits of these practices have been shown in academic performance, emotional regulation, physical health, and interpersonal relationships.  Cultivating these qualities of being present, accepting and engaged in daily life can be powerful in building positive relationships with oneself, others, and the world.  

In this 4-week course, participants will be engaged through guided meditation, teaching, discussion, journaling, gentle movement and relating games to deepen mindful awareness and compassion.  Participants will develop awareness and management of thoughts and emotions, learn to identify and work with stressors, and cultivate self-compassion and kindness.

Ages: Students in 4th or 5th grade
Dates: Four Sundays,  March 19, 26, April 2, & 9
Hours: 1:00-2:30pm
Instructor: Katie Dutcher
Location: The Lyceum
Size: Limited to 8 students
Fee: $100