A Paypal account is needed for recurring donations.

Providing sustaining support to the the Lyceum is easier than ever with our automatic recurring billing option. This quick and simple tool allows you to specify a donation amount that will be automatically billed to you each month.  

A $10 monthly gift makes a small impact on your budget, but over a year adds up to $120 for the Lyceum which is enough to provide a full scholarship to a student for most of our programs. 

Here are some reasons that recurring donations are a great way to give:

  • It's valuable: Small monthly donations add up to big dollars for the Lyceum.
  • It's reliable: The Lyceum can count on a steady and reliable source of funding.
  • It's convenient: Setting up a recurring gift helps you plan your yearly budget.
  • It's easy: You go through the donation process one time, and we automatically bill you each month.