Important Documents 2019-2020
(information will be updated as it is made available)

Local Rules

Case Brief

Case File: (contact for password)

People v Matsumoto: Errata

People v Matsumoto: Exhibits

County Competition Registration Form

Important Dates (State Competition) 

Case Supplements 

Team Rule Book

2019-2020 Rule Book Changes

Judge/Attorney Handbook 

Special Award Nomination Forms  Coaches should bring 4 copies of this (with student names and roles filled in) to each trial they compete in. 

Lesson Plan

Sample Score Sheet

Schools Available for Scrimmage

Bailiff & Clerk Notes

Time Sheet

Time Cards





2020 County Competition Dates

  • January 29th (Wednesday)

  • February 3rd (Monday)

  • February 5th (Wednesday)

  • February 6th (if needed based on number of teams)

  • February 8th (Finals)

Important Dates (State competition)

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