History Day School Registration Form (for schools only)

For information on registering a student from a school that is not participating in History Day, please contact general@lyceum.org or call 831-372-6098.

Teacher Coordinator Name *
Teacher Coordinator Name
Types of Projects your Students will do *
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School Principal Name
Though you may have as many students at your school as you want work on History Day projects, only approximately 20 Entries from your school may participate at the County Competition. If you have more than 20 Entries to send to the county competition, please call the Lyceum.
I certify that by submitting this registration form I have permission to enroll my school in the History Day program and have made arrangements for the $380 registration fee to be paid. *
Name of person submitting registration form *
Name of person submitting registration form
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The school fee for this program is $380.00. Please select how your school will make payment.
Please make checks payable to The Lyceum of monterey county
mailing address
The Lyceum of Monterey County - 1073 Sixth street - monterey, ca - 93940
contact information
phone: 831-372-6098 Fax: 831-372-6065 Email: general@lyceum.org