Fun Learning Mandarin Chinese

Its Friday and 7 eager students, ages 6-8, are ready to jump into "Chinese made easy." 

The celebration of the Chinese New Year begun on February 8th.  Happy year of the Monkey! Yu-Chi (Vickie) joins Lyceum as the native Mandarin teacher. She wore a festive red ensemble, as red is one of the luckiest colors in Chinese culture representing  prosperity, loyalty, success and happiness. It was my luck that I unknowingly took notes for this post with a red pen. 

The kids ability to learn, listen, share and participate was accompanied by a visible enthusiasm throughout. Folders were handed out with colorful assignments that included translations and fun visuals. The students would repeat after Vickie many times to practice their pronunciation. Shortly after they all learned a charming song about greetings and danced along.  

A fun evening was spent at Lyceum learning Mandarin. Thank You Vickie and Kids, until next Friday.