Expanding Your Horizons 2015

As you read our blog, take a listen to the EYH podcast below to hear from our participants about this year's event:

Expanding Your Horizons is a day-long conference dedicated to young ladies interested in professions related to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) or STEAM fields (with the added "A" representing how art and STEM interact).  Over 230 middle school girls participated in the event this year.  After kicking off Saturday morning with our keynote speaker Shalina Taylor, PhD, the girls attending various breakout workshops with subjects ranging from "Strawberry CSI" to "Ocean Acidification" to "Turning Pennies into Malachite" and everything in between.

Before attending their afternoon breakout workshops, the girls laughed with each other over lunchtime camaraderie and spent time rotating through a career fair.  Our career fair participants specialized in themes such as urban planning, veterinary science, robotics, aquaponics, habitat restoration and wildlife preservation, civil engineering, and dentistry, to name just a few.  The day ended with a raffle for cool prizes in addition to exchanging contact information with new friends.