Mural Making Workshop

Have you ever felt inspired to make a mural but weren't sure how to begin or felt daunted by the logistics? Quit just dreaming big and start making it big! Join Lyceum this summer for it's first mural making workshop.

This course will guide participants through the mural making process from concept to completion. Together we will create an ~4'x8' mural that highlights the Ocean's important role on our planet. Discussion sessions will examine: Why make murals? What are they made out of? Why is the Ocean important? How does an artist get from topic to design? How do you coordinate mural production? 
Completion will equip aspiring mural makers with the skills they need to create vivid, impactful murals in their own communities. 

Participants will learn:
•    different mural making methods
•    how to develop a design concept into a mural design
•    an in-depth understanding of the ocean's importance to our planet
•    basic color theory, paint mixing and how to handle brushes
•    to manage a group mural site
•    team dynamics 

Hours:  9:30am - 3:30pm
Ages:    12 - 15
Location:  Lyceum
Instructor: Amanda Bensel