History Day Judges Training

Thank you for being a 2018 History Day Judge!  Below are two short videos (20 min and 7 min) that outline the judging process.  Please note that the training video is NHD Korea 2016, however, the information is still relevant to this year's Monterey County competition.  The only change is this year's them is "Taking a Stand In History" and dates/location are not relevant.  

The handouts given at the judges training are also provided below.  On the left are evaluation documents that are relevant to ALL judging categories.  On the right are documents that relate to specific project categories (Documentaries, Exhibits, etc.).  Please review ALL of the documents on the left, and the documents specific to your judging group on the right.  

You will receive all of the evaluation forms you need for judging on the day of the event, but you should have reviewed and evaluated all of your assigned projects prior to the event (unless you are an Exhibit judge).   Links to to the projects you will evaluate will be emailed to you by March 2nd, 2018.  

If you have questions, please contact the Lyceum 831-372-6098 or general@lyceum.org.